Our Cast Iron bake pots are oil cured and ready for use. They are heavy duty, very robust and can be used in open fire, over warm coals, on a stove top and in the oven. The flat, round cast iron potjie, sometimes called a Dutch Oven, is not only ideal for not only potjie-kos and stews, but also perfect for breads, puddings and other bakes. This is the most versatile pot of the Potjie family. Oil cured pots are NOT dishwasher safe and will rust if not cleaned, dried and stored properly. See our How To Care page for more detail.  CHECK HERE IF YOU QUALIFY FOR FREE SHIPPING

Best Duty #12 Bake Pot (3 legs) (8.6kg)

  • Best Duty #12 Bake pot with Legs. volume 6.6 liter. Weight 8.6kg

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