Do you have a special function or celebration. Try one of Elite Meats' platters to make the event even more special! Platters contains mini rump steak kebabs, sosatie sausages, meatballs, "Oopsies", and Elite's mini sausages wrapped in Bacon. Platters for 4 persons.  READY FOR OVEN.  Bake for approximate 12 minutes at 200 C/392 F.  Can grill for 1- 2 minutes if prefer.


  • 4 Person Platter: 4 x kebabs, oopsies, meatballs, Elite sausages wrapped in bacon each plus 8 mini sosatie sausages. 8 Person platter: 8 x kebabs, opsies, meatballs, Elite sausages wrapped in bacon plus 16 mini sosatie sausages.

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