The Cadac Safari Chef 30 is one of the most versatile portable BBQs on the market.thanks to the range of multi-cooking accessories which are included as standard - allowing you to cook food you never thought you could in the outdoors! Stir fry's, burgers, kebabs, steaks and fish - you name it, the Safari Chef can handle it.Whether your camping, fishing, caravanning, at a festival, in the garden or any other outdoor occasion - this Cadac BBQ will help you on your way to creating those special outdoor moments with family or friendsLightweight and portable, weight less than 6kg and packing away neatly into a Cadac branded carry bag to prolong the life of the BBQ. The Safari Chef 30 is portable and can only run of high performance gas canisters consisting out of iso- butane and propane like Gasmate or similar gas cartridges, which are screwed in by hand. The Gas Cartridges are readily available at Bunnings and other camping equipment stores. No fittings availale for this portable bbq to attach to a motorhome. 

CADAC SAFARI CHEF 30 PORTABLE BBQ(Excluding Gas Canister) (5.9kg)

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