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The Role:
You will be responsible for assisting with the smooth day-to-day running of the Butchery Department, ensuring we produce high quality fresh cuts of meat and sausages, across a maximum range, for our customers.


Duties will include:

  • Cutting and packaging of meats,

  • Cutting, curing and drying of biltong,

  • Preparing of specific cuts for customers,

  • Advising customers on how to prepare certain meats and

  • Sanitizing and cleaning of workspace and equipment.

To succeed in this position you will need to:

  • Have proven Butchery experience

  • Demonstrate a passion for Butchery and take pride in your work

  • Culinary knowledge

  • Be a strong relationship builder, team player and problem solver

  • Be a strong communicator and customer service skills

  • Physical strength and stamina and able to use hand tools, stand or walk for extending periods and lift heavy items.






Do you enjoy working in a fast-paced team environment?

Part time available with possible change to fulltime – must be available weekdays and weekends


We have an opportunity for an enthusiastic, friendly, honest, customer focused person, with the ability to excel within a fast-paced team environment, to join our team in Enderley, Hamilton.

In this role, you'll be on the shop floor, liaising with our customers, providing exceptional customer service and of course letting customers know about the great product range on offer. We provide in store training.

As our successful candidate you need to:

•          Demonstrate outstanding customer service and skills and enjoy dealing with people. You must be able to build rapport easily.

•          Give attention to detail and follow Health and Safety procedures at all times.

•          Display a positive attitude and a willingness to learn more about the business. Be willing to take and give orders.

•          Be able to balance many tasks back-to-back or simultaneously.

•          Be passionate about our beef, pork and lamb products on offer and demonstrate knowledge about our main seller "beef biltong" and the different flavours and cuts available.

•          Be accurate in cash handling and balancing.

•          Keep the display area in a clean, presentable condition at all times.

  • Receiving and unloading of stock and pricing, re-stocking of shelves etc.

  • Be over the age of 18 and available on weekdays

  • Have no serious health issues which could pose a problem. Long hours standing behind tills and working on hazardous machines – biltong slicers and handling of stock.

•          Mustn’t be on any medication, which may impair coordination and alertness.

•          Be able to be focused and alert at all times because biltong slicers are used

•          Willing to follow procedures and regulations and willing to study and be up to date with instructions in provided manual

•          Have previous retail and management experience- with references will be a plus.

  • Be a fast learner.

  • Must be able to work as part of a team and be a “team player”. Must display a positive attitude towards co-workers.


We're looking for someone with a "can do" attitude and a willingness to learn more about the business' products, procedures and policies.  A high value is placed on honesty in the workplace.


To Apply:


Shop Hours: Mon- Sat:  8.30am - 6pm / Sun: 10am - 5pm

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