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ARTIST BIO: Jennie is a 3D, mixed media to abstract artist, doing buiness as JB Arts.  Originally from South Africa, but based in Australia for the last 12 years. "For me, when creating my art, it is like a good therapy session, that gives me a direction in life to feelings of happiness and fulfilment.  From the first moment when I sold my first painting it made me realise that I had something to offer and that my art was awakening positive emotions in people.  Being an empath, it brings me immense joy to be able to bring happiness and beauty into someone else's life and home with my art.
Each piece of art is one of a kind and different every time.  By being a mixed media artist, it gives me the flexibility to experiment and to utilise all kinds of different ingredients and tools that reacts differently in each situation.  

Acrylics is my main painting medium, but I am always experimenting with different techniques, ingredients and mediums to achieve different and unique results.  My work is a result of my determination and hard work, a bit of science and of course paint."

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