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The Electro -Galvanised Steel Braai  grid is durable and just what you need for your "braai. Size 60cm x 32cm. 

Elector- Galvanised Steel Braai Grid 60cm x 32cm (4kg)

Sales Tax Included
  • This electro-Galvanised Steel Braai  grid / "braairooster" is durable and just what you need. Size 60 cmx 32cm

  • Carton shipping. SHIPPING FEES- WHY VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT IS CHARGED.The bigger an item is, the more room it takes up on a vehicle or aircraft, and therefore the more it costs to send. If an item is large but light, the price will be based on the size rather than the weight. This means that the under mentioned shipping costs are only estimates and you may receive an invoice for extra shipping fees, based on volumetric weight.

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